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Supporting you and your business through change

The rate of change in the environment business operates in has increased in recent years. This is driven by advances in technology and how it is used in our everyday lives which creates new opportunities. There is more pressure for business to change how it delivers its services and interacts with its clients. The ability of a business to change ensures its viability and future growth. 

I offer expertise that supports business to define, plan, manage and achieve the changes that it needs. The aim of my work is to build the capacity within your business to manage change by offering:

• Process thinking
• Organisational development
• Facilitation
• Executive coaching
• Team coaching

My background

For over 20 years I have been working with companies to deliver improvements to their services. I have gained a wealth of experience helping businesses to better manage Quality, Risk and Health and Safety. The organisations I have worked with range from multinational corporations to start-up businesses. I work collaboratively with my clients to identify potential improvements, mapping out better ways of working and making the best use of information technology. 

My experience of change in business

The implementation of a new way of working was often the most challenging for a business. I learnt that early involvement and effective communication with all those who are potentially impacted by a change is the key to a successful implementation. My interest in the impact of change on business led me to further study of leadership, organisational development and team dynamics at the Tavistock centre. This knowledge has enhanced my focus on the people who do the work and how they work together. 

My approach

• To think about the people who do the work and how they work together
• To create a capacity for listening and encourage stakeholders to find their voice
• To increase awareness and respect of different perspectives
• To deliver creative solutions that overcome barriers to change

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